Monday, June 2, 2014

True Grit; "I've got this"

Okay, I take it all back. I do not regret registering for True Grit.

What I got out of the day
  • Self-satisfaction for 'trying' all obstacles
  • Shame for making the team wait for me at some obstacles
  • Empty promises, (I told a client that i would treat him nicer in PT sessions as he passed me up a steep hill; I was obviously telling a lie!)
  • Reminder of my love of water.  I enjoyed the dams, swimming fully clothed, ice baths under barb wire, and slippery dip into muddy dam, (exactly as it sounds).  I loved the water so much in fact that I 'volunteered' not to achieve the monkey bar challenge, dropping on the second rail, purely so I could be the first one in our team fully wet.  Yup, first. Also first to fall on first obstacle.  My firsts turned into lasts very quickly after this point!

I have learnt a few things.  I often joke about my co-ordination, or lack there of, and guess what, today I found out I actually was telling the truth.  I have no co-ordination! Let's just say, if we had a 'go-pro' or a 'filmer' handy, then we would have footage with capability to win ten episodes of funniest home videos.

The following obstacle after my monkey bar fail, saw me slip off the mud, and face plant in the water.  Actually, truth be told, this was not even counted as one of the obstacles, it was 3 mounds of mud, with puddles in-between, and apparently the warm up for the ice bath and barb wire that was to follow.  Now I'm officially first to face plant as well, wow I am really setting all the bench marks for my team early in this race.  $$$$$$ hello Funniest home videos!

Why am I smiling? I can not see a thing, next year I will have a snorkel and goggles.  My glasses keep fogging and I no longer have anything dry or mud free to wipe them with.

I am actually enjoying these horrible things that I am doing to my body.  I start to 'high five' anyone that does not leave me hanging, and say 'well done, good effort' to random people.  Including a volunteer, standing under her dry umbrella, that encouragement was probably not necessary.

One of the competitors in the team had mentioned to me that her friend had participated the day prior.  Her hate was the hills.  So hubby and I spent the first hour and a half saying, "this must be the elusive hill", these words were spoken, or puffed, at least 20 times. The whole course was hills!

So I was trailing.  Surprise, surprise.  "Got your back team!"  Literally because it is all I can see.  I have my boss in front of me and we are running down a steep muddy hill.  He somehow manages to slip, somersault, side slide, does a steam roll for 3 rotations, followed with a double twist half pipe, regains grip, then casually continues his jog down the hill.  It was a total accident, but he looking very 'James Bond'.  At that point of his awesome recovery, I decided, "Come on Cath, you got this, next obstacles, no fear".

Next obstacle was ropes tied randomly at different angles.  Not a hard obstacle but I guess time consuming.  Boss basically dropped to the floor and rolled from one end to the other, being totally negligent of all rocks, boulders and sticks. Wow that was fast, and obviously the easiest way to complete this obstacle.  So what do I do?  I decide that the ropes look like laser beams protecting the precious diamond at the end of the obstacle.  Slowly I try to navigate the ropes without touching them, why? They are not lasers, nor are they electrified.  In my head I hear "Here she comes, Body 2 Soul super spy, super spy, super spy", yup, there was an echo on super spy, (not sure why).   Takes a while but reality does eventually kick in, and I realise that my chosen time to day dream, should not be 3/4 way thru the True Grit challenge!

As I near the end of my super spy challenge, I hear "$#@%" and "*%^&" being yelled by the people in front of me.  What on earth is the problem?  I round the corner.  Oh.  Oh my.  I think I just found the 'elusive hill'. At this point I definitely feel as though I am letting the team down, but I also feel a sense of determination that I know I will get to the top of that hill.  And do you know how I knew that?  Because I looked and there was no way around it!  If I ever wanted to see my family and friends again, then I hd to conquer this hill, mountain if you will.  This hill was at least 60% steep, and 7km long, (slightly embellished on the distance, but that is what it felt like).  I am typing this now, so obviously I did it, Woo Hoo!

I jumped a tiny fire; climbed over a wall, using my husbands knee, hands, shoulder and head as a ladder rung, (sorry hun); face planted and slid down a slanted wall, but managed second try, (I get by with a little help from my friends); and attempt a rope climb.  Unsuccessful, but I tried.  As you cross the line, they throw an apple at you and give you the option of a beer, wine, or sangria. Pretty thirsty at this point so that went down really quickly.

Wow. That was one of the most exhilirating experiences ever.  It took longer than anticipated, but there was a bit of waiting, and now we have a time to try to beat next year. So proud of myself, so proud of my team mates, so proud of everyone that entered and crossed that finish line.  Being proud is a nice feeling.