Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stop complaining, start living

Complaining, grumbling, protesting, whining or stating truth, call it what you will. There are some client no-no's that are more than just personality quirks—they're detrimental to both a trainer's and client's success in the gym.  Our role is often confused in the public eye as to what we actually do.

No one likes a complainer and, if you're a personal trainer, you really dislike complainers. (Ironic I know, a personal trainer complaining about complaining.) You see, to us, complaining has no logic. If you're paying someone to work you out and push you, then you have to expect to be worked out to your capabilities. Why complain and delay your momentum? Complaining takes up cherished time that a trainer can use for explaining proper form for an exercise or giving general dietary advice. Don’t miss out on that information, or opportunity.

‘I am tired”, “I hate doing that exercise”, “It would be easier if the weight was lighter”, sound familiar? Truth be told, all personal trainers are evil… yup… truth is out! If you complain about something, you are purely giving us ammunition for following sessions. (Insert evil laugh here.) “Bwa ha ha ha!”

In all seriousness, if you are 82 years old, I will not be saying drop and give me 20.... (unless I know you can), after all, we may know your capabilities better than you do!