Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's not make excuses

Many people are busy and have trouble fitting in exercise; work, family and life in general can be time consuming, (both to the body and the mind). Once you commit to working out with a trainer, we ask you refrain from making excuses for missing a workout or overeating. Be honest as to why you missed a workout or what drove you to overeat. We are not going to be disappointed, we too are human, (shock, horror)!  Be totally honest, we are not psychics, but for some strange reason, we DO have a built in radar in regards to food and alcohol. If you lie, we WILL work you harder! 

If we do not know your situation, then how can we help you? Let's be totally honest.  

What keeps us from reaching our true potential?  Our goals. Make it achievable. We are so quick to say 'baby steps' to others, but when it comes to our own achievements, we may be too harsh to achieve what is possible; I think this only gives us lack of confidence. 

Be honest with yourself. It's in your best interest to say to yourself why you did or didn't do something. It's all part of the learning process. We are here to teach, but most of all, we want to be part of the journey.